Three Ways You Can Better Insulate Your Home with Roofing Services

Oklahoma is known for having scorching hot summers and arid climate all year round. If you are wondering how you can keep your home cooler in a better way with your air conditioner, as well as keep out the blistering heat, you’ll need to have your home well insulated. Even a little effort can go a long way for saving money on a utility bill.

Here are three ways that a roofing contractor in Oklahoma City OK can give your home better insulation, overall.

1. Get a lighter roof color

Living under a dark colored roof on a hot day can have the same effects as wearing dark clothing on a hot day. When Oklahoma City gets hot, a black asphalt roof could hit temperatures up to 200 degrees. If your roof shingles are black or another darker color, they can conduct heat and allow more of it into the home than you would like. This could force you to turn on the A/C more frequently.

What you can do to fix this however, is to install new shingles right over your current roof, that can better keep the heat out. These shingles can be tan, grey, or any color you see fit, so long as it’s not a dark color, and you can enjoy saving energy and reducing A/C costs. If you are already undergoing a plan to re-roof your home, you can also opt to replace your old roof with a new one. A roof of a lighter color would be 50 to 60 degrees cooler on a hot day in comparison.

2. Get insulation from inside your home

Your home also might not be well-insulated enough. To see how much your roof is insulated, go up into the attic and check for yourself. A badly-insulated home needs more air conditioning in order for you and your family to live comfortably. Proper insulation can greatly reduce your needs for cooling.

Insulation comes in many different forms, from home foam and cellulose, to cotton batting and even fiberglass. Insulation is great when you don’t want to repair or replace your roof at the moment, and odds are, you might have insulation in your attic that could use an upgrade, anyways.

3. Replace your roof

We touched up on this concept in our first point, but getting a new roof is something you might also consider depending on the timing. New asphalt shingle roofs can last as long as 25 years, and even more for other roofing materials like slate and metal. Getting a new roof is a long-term solution from your roofing contractor in Oklahoma City OK.

A new roof can also do a lot to make your home efficient and comfortable to live in. The roofing material that is best for your home depends on what kind of home you have and where you live. New roofs can come with reflective coatings to help heat bounce off your roof, but you likely want a roofing material that will have this sort of effect indefinitely. Arguably the best roofing material to buy to deal with hot air is metal. While metal does conduct heat immensely, metal is much harder than asphalt and wood, in which is it much harder to heat to pass through the other side and into your home.

Metal roofs are pricier than traditional asphalt roofs, but you could easily recoup that money with what you would save on energy costs. Metal roofs also last longer than asphalt roofs, are resistant to extreme winds, would help to restrict house fires, and could increase the value of your home.


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