How to Choose the Right Roofing Material

The roof is an essential section of any house, as it’s impossible to enjoy any shelter without it. Choosing the best roofing in OKC when looking at the various materials available in the market can determine how much quality you enjoy with your roof. It’s essential to ensure your decision is based on particular roofing needs to find a perfect fit.

Deciding between different types of roofing material is not something that would easily come to mind when fixing this part of your house. In fact, unless you’re conducting renovations or are suffering from leakages, you probably wouldn’t consider roofing services. However, now and then it’s essential to have the main cover of your home serviced or replaced to maintain the quality of life you can enjoy in that residence. One of the most crucial decisions you need to make when dealing with primary roofing choices is the kind of material best suited for your needs.

There are a variety of different materials to choose from when dealing with roofing in OKC. Though they are all designed to provide the same function, some options may be more suitable for a particular environment when compared to other alternatives. The specific material you settle on cannot be influenced by appearance alone. The final decision has to make practical sense according to your particular housing needs. Roofing activities can sometimes be an expensive venture, so choosing the best option on your first try is highly recommendable.

Some of the things you should think about when going through the various roofing material choices available include:


How long the roofing material chosen can last once it’s installed is the first thing that should come to mind. The durability of a particular choice can determine how long it will take before you need to acquire re-roofing services again. It’s worth noting that materials with prolonged longevity usually come at a higher cost, but represent a long term investment that secures your future roofing needs. The more durable the material, the longer it will last and thus the more money you can save.

Slate and clay tiles have been identified as one of the most durable roofing materials available in the market, with the National Association of Homebuilders giving it a 100-year life expectancy rating. Metal roofing comes next with a life expectancy of 40 or more years according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Common material such as asphalt and wooden shingles offer a life expectancy of 20 or more years, depending on their particular level of quality.

External Surroundings/Environment

The kind of surroundings your roof is exposed to should also be considered when going through the available choices. If you’re located in a region with multiple storms and other extreme weather conditions on a regular basis, for example, then choosing wooden shingles would not be advisable. This is because wood is likely to succumb to such external conditions in a shorter period as compared to some other choices such as metal or asphalt. Metal roofing, on the other hand, may not be such a good idea if you’re located in an area with high temperatures, as it’s not a very good heat conductor.


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