Testimonials & Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Troy Denise Schroder, Oklahoma

“Schroder Group Proudly endorses McRay Roofing & Exteriors: Our customers are VERY happy with McRay Roofing! Being able to give our customers peace of mind they will be in good hands! McRay fights for the client’s best interest and will meet the insurance adjuster and be an incredibly supportive advocate. We can’t thank you enough for your 5 star service, level of integrity and honesty with our treasured clients. You guys are TOP NOTCH! Will shout from the roof tops in letting others know how great both the quality of your product an service are!”

Daphne Killam Hale

 Jeff at McRay roofing went above & beyond helping me accomplish an almost impossible situation when the people buying my house wanted a new roof put on in a week and that was a week of snowing and ice. They were ridiculous in asking for one kind of estimate and then something completely different. They bent over backwards to provide everything they asked for so we could hold out money at closing and that we could close as scheduled. Without hesitation I will use McRay for any and all roofing needs I have. Jeff was as professional and courteous as they come. THANKS McRay Roofing.

John Simonelli in Norman, Oklahoma

Simonelli_testimonial_image“McRay Roofing was very professional. They did an excellent job replacing my roof in a timely manner and with little disruption. Their customer service was great. I would highly recommend them.”

JimmyandKathy Smith

Looking for honest roofers these are the guys! They came out to check my roof after the hail Wednesday! I told them I had a small leak that I had been dealing with!
They said my roof was fine and found a vent leaking. It’s 2:00pm the leak is fixed and I am good to go!

Del Wendel, Oklahoma

“TBreezy and Del Wendel here. we just had a new roof put on by McRay. Jeff I want u to know it was outstanding work. Great crews. We rate your company 10+. we would recommend this company . very laid back company no pressure just good work. Also want to thank Arron with all the help. Thank you guys. The wendel’s”

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